Caiti Baker

Caiti's been releasing music for over ten years now. Like any sense of self and sense of identity, it’s natural to embrace different chapters and periods of change.

This is Caiti’s prerogative moving into 2021.

The Caiti that fans and newcomers are about to meet is a Caiti that has never been more comfortable and confident in her own skin. Taking the lessons of the past and inspirations for the future, bringing both together in a way that has created something that simply screams Caiti, she presents her new single, MELLOW.

Co-produced by in-demand east coast producer Papertoy and Kuya James, MELLOW sees Caiti step further into a spotlight that feels just right for her at this time in her life.

Embracing life, love and intimacy in this new phase of adulthood has become reflected in her music in the purest and most exciting of ways - now Caiti is ready to share it. Come on for the ride.

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