A young Australian making a name for herself in East London is yanked by the scruff of her neck back to whence she came in March 2020. Needless to say, this is not what  had expected from her new life. The feted artist musician arrived in the UK cresting a wave of positive vibes, with her debut EP receiving significant radio love on both sides of the equator. Her debut EP racked up a cool 6 million streams and the song ‘Motionless’, was a collaboration with the Australian ballet. Combine that with a stack of support shows (RIP) for the likes of  and  and festivals (mega RIP) including The Great Escape, Listen Out Festival and... throw the whole lot out the window from 20,000 feet. 
 reckons with finding herself back where she started with an exquisite slice of pop that intravenously injects the emotional aesthetics of  and  straight into the main vein born from a chance email enquiry from producer/writer - Aidan Hogg ( , , ).
 “Demonstrating JEFFE's insane ability to project beauty through vulnerability and nervous emotion on record .
 “There are elements of  about JEFFE’s vocals that pour forth like the contents of an anxious mind”.

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